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Curly Sue W

V-factor 27

             Curly Sue W, V-27, is a really strong Barnes' bred mare. Just what I was looking for!  Suzy is sired by Paint's Dude and out of Dude's Doll. Both parents have Vicki 3 as their dam, making Suzy a double granddaughter to Vicki 3. Dude's Doll is by Zane's Dude. Paint's Dude is of course a son of Old Paint. In studying her pedigree thru the 5th generation we find Gold Man  5 times; Vicki 3 appears on her 5th line again for 3 times; Golden Rawhide 3 times; Major L, Danney Boy, and Ozark Lady once; Golden Governor 3 times; Vicki's Flossy, Vicki, Yellow Jacket, Yellow Angel, Hawkins Silver, Roxelle's Molly, Blankenship Diamond, Mitchell's Trigger, , Zane Grey, and Lady Anne twice. The only TWH to be on these papers is Sterling Merry Boy and his ancestors. Barnes' breeding at it's best for a V-Factor of 27.

             Suzy was foaled in 1999 and is a very well built mare that has that good diagonal movement with the old fox trot. She has that wonderful Barnes' disposition. I can call her to me; change halters in the pasture; spray her for flies or paint her hooves in the pasture without a lead; she is great to stand for the farrier, etc. She is very alert to her surroundings and quick to learn. I think Suzy is a great addition to Dennis breeding program and I expect her to pass on all these good qualities to her foals. Suzy
is located in Munfordville, Ky; with Jimmy Dennis.  To contact Jimmy call 270-537-3004 or email dennisfa@scrtc.com. The proof is always in the pudding.

Her 2005 foal by Shadow, Starlett .




Her colts


Spanky '08                                                                Gabe '07


Drifter '06                                                                    Barney '04


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