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Dare's Ky Spring Breeze B

V-factor 36

Dare's Ky Spring Breeze B is a very rare find. She is a double Ramblin Red granddaughter out of half brother and sister, Red's Flaxy Shadow and Maden's Ramblin Dare-A-Lin., whose dams have no relation but were both great dames in their own rite. I've owned all 3 of Breeze's grandparents.

Breeze has Kissee Fox on her papers twice as well as Wing Commander. The old Ranger horse and Golden Governor are several generations' back. She is purely foundation bred.

Breeze is beautifully conformated, has a pretty fox trot head, good bone and strong hooves, and fox trots naturally. As a yearling Breeze is a pretty red sabino with a lot of body ticking, 2 nice hind stockings, a blaze, lower lip spot, and flax mane and mixed tail. The silver of so many of her siblings shows in her tail. She is already standing at an easy 14 hands.

She will call to you clear across the pasture and comes readily to be handled. She gives no problem in standing for the farrier, can be sprayed for flies while loose in the pasture, etc. she now resides in TX with Bill Moran.


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