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Golden Goetz Exchange

V-factor 49

             Golden Goetz Exchange (Gracie), V-Factor 49,  is a 2000 daughter of Gold Exchange & out of a double granddaughter of Ramblin Red, Kentucky's Dyna-Mite Dare. Gracie is of course palomino & has a very mild personality.  By that I mean she takes her time to get to know you & trust you.  She is one of those that doesn't push to the front & make demands but once you become friends you know you are privileged to have such an individual in your life.  Still she would deceive you in her strength & stamina.  I really thought I had lost Gracie with her first foal.  Seems the foal had died & she delivered early.  My feeding schedule was delayed that particular day & when I found Gracie she had been in delivery quite some time.  I really didn't think she would ever get up but she did.  My vet delivered the foal & Gracie survived.  It took years for her to regain correct movement of her hind legs but she did & has delivered 2 beautiful foals to date. (2007)

             Gracie's sire, Gold Exchange is a '79 model so he brought the oldies up close for her on the topside. Her grandparents on her topside are Zane's Baron #7930 & Miss Rawhide #463. (I hope these numbers mean something to you.)  Zane's Baron is by Zane Grey & his dam is double Cotham Dare.  Miss Rawhide is by Golden Rawhide & out of a Golden Governor mare.  No wonder Mr. Barnes was so impressed with Gold Exchange!

             Gracie's grandsire on her dam's side is Red's Flaxy Shadow #F-18878 & the parents of her granddam are Ramblin Red #F-1500 & Fanny J #9279. Gracie's dam has Kissee Fox on her papers top & bottom. So all this gives Gracie the really 'old' blood up close all around, thus the V-Factor of 49.


Gracie's 2013


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