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Heza Kissee Fox Shadow B

V-factor 23





Heza Kissee Fox Shadow B is a gelding from Sheza Flora Song B (Flora) & Red's Flaxy Shadow (Shadow). Fox has been a favorite of mine from the time he first landed. I guess temperament is my first quality to look for & Fox certainly has that. He is so laid back & easy to handle. All my horses are sweet, gentle, & easy to handle, but Fox has that extra calmness about him & just doesn't get ruffled unless really pushed. I like that for a stallion. I was a bit concerned that he may be lazy under saddle but it didn't prove so. The trainer never once had to get after him. He always responded when called upon & really enjoyed his 'schooling'.

Fox V-factors at 23. That is about as strongly bred original fox trot bloodlines as you can find these days. He is an excellent example of all the traits of the old bloodlines that these horses were originally valued for. He is definitely a people horse & smooth & natural at the fox trot with a willingness & retention of knowledge that warms your heart. He quickly became a favorite at the trainer's with these qualities & more. He quietly crossed water, logs, traffic, ravines, & more. If you can't be pleased with Fox, you can't be pleased.


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