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Kala Lou's M

V-factor 0

                     Kala Lou's M, V-Factor 0, is a 1983 model owned by Stephanie & Gerry Phelps in Blandchester, Ohio.  She is a rescue project that has led Stephanie & Gerry in a new direction of life.  It is odd how our treasures in life come in so many different disguises but there is no denying that their tender hearts lead Steph & Gerry to a real treasure in Kala.

             Kala is sired by Herb Roscoe's Little Charley's Duke & out of Diamond's Celia.  Little Charley's Duke is by Little Charley by Old Charley & his dam is the wonderful Black Bridget by Cotham Dare who is by Cyclone Dare & out of May Cotham.  Black Bridgett's dam is sired by Old Charley.  Wow!

             Kala's dam, Diamond's Celia, is by the renowned Black Diamond S & out of Little Charley's Goldie.  Black Diamond is by Nottingham's Duke by Frisky Dare & his dam's grandsire was Peacock Chief.  Little Charley's Goldie was of course by Little Charley by Old Charley & her dam was a daughter of Dare's Trigger by Cotham Dare.  WOW!

             Kala is a grand old mare with great intelligence, conformation, & gait that are a reflection of her rich inheritance of old bloodlines.  When Gerry first called me & inquired about what he had I about had a melt down!!  I am sooooooooooo glad we got to mate she & Shadow for the combination of 100% pure OLD bloodlines.  I just LOVE these old bred horses!


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