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Kentucky's Dazzle Suede B

V-factor 12


       Suede, V-Factor 12, is from the mating of Red's Flaxy Shadow & Ky's Razzel Dazzel B for 2002. So, he too has the combination of all the bloodlines I am working with.  For more on his lineage visit Shadow's & Dazzel's pages.

        Suede is a real sweetheart to work with. He was less than a year old when his new owners came to claim him but he had only been in a trailer twice as a foal with his mamma. Time came to load him in the trailer and he just follows me in like it was a daily event. 'No big deal' could be his slogan. It sure is his attitude.  

        Suede has the same eye catching flax/silver mane & tail as his siblings (Ky Heart Stopper, Dickens, Star & Mariah).  His conformation & gait are just as eye catching.  His sweet nature attracts the whole family right down to the young children & they too have been known to ride him.  Rick says Suede is a lot of fun to work with & gives him a lot of relaxation & distraction from the daily stress of work.

        He is owned by Rick & Pam Foree of Smithfield Ky.  They can be contacted at:  502-845-5281 or


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