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Kentucky's Ramblin Dickens B

V-factor 12

             Kentucky's Ramblin Dickens B, Dickens, was supposed to be my backup stallion, but because of my limited facilities I had to let him go. He too is a product of Red's Flaxy Shadow and Ky's Razzel Dazzel B . So again we have the total combination of Barnes/Songer/Roscoe/ with Ramblin Red up close. The product I have been working toward for over 30 years breeding. Talk about a 'pedigree', this boy has one. Check it out. Purely old original bloodlines. He too is showing the silver dapple signs in his coloring. He too is super easy to handle and work with.

 He too has the big mellow eye that shows his wonderful disposition. An example of his intelligence: With just a few occasions of me speaking to him about the situation he is trained not to urinate in his stall

Dickens is over 15 hands tall. He is a deep chestnut, broad between the eyes, large nostrils, lots of good bone, deep chested, pretty rounded butt, and built to compliment all these wonderful features. He is gifted with a natural fox trot, along with about 5 or 6 other gaits. This boy is a wonderful package all wrapped up into one. I have no doubt his offspring will inherit many of his wonderful traits. Dickens is available for outside mares & AI is also available from Dickens. You can contact Art at aframpton@csonline.net or 814 745 3027.


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