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Kentucky's Ramblin Hobby

V-factor 72


             Kentucky's Ramblin Hobby, V Factor 72, was born the spring (1986)after Ramblin Red died in November.  She was the last filly of Ramblin Red's.  Her dam was Fanny J.  She is a strikingly nice mare as you can see in the pictures.  Her daughter Flora takes after her mom in good looks, don't you think?

             Any time Hobby was in the show ring she was also in the winner's circle.  Easy to see why.

             Hobby was almost a 1-person gal so I let her stay with her trainer.  She has had several nice foals thru the years but hardly any of them have been registered.  Isn't that a waste?

              For more on Hobby's bloodlines go to Ramblin Red's page & Fanny J's page.



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