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Kentucky's Valley Dare

V-factor 36


               Kentucky's Valley Dare, V-Factor 36, foaled in 1990, is a double grand daughter of Ramblin Red with Maden's Ramblin Dare-A-Lin being her dam. This means she has Kissee Fox on her papers (brown) both top and bottom. Out of 32 ancestors on her 6th generation, only 4 are of them are TWH breed. These are the old Wilson horses behind Ace Edward. I have personally owned all of Valley's grandparents.

             Valley is definitely built to the specifications of the original fox trotting horses. Her shoulders, her hips, the set of her legs are all just as is needed for the ole 'track capping' fox trotting horses of years ago. She is naturally gaited in the field for the old gait. Not fast or over reaching but smooth, sure footed, and capping the track.

             She is a beautiful chestnut with the silvered mane and tail. Valley stands about 14.2 or 3 and is a very sweet dispositioned mare. Valley won the Kentucky Foal Futurity Championship for 1990.

some of Valley's foals


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