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Ky Heart Stopper B.

V-factor 12




       Tami Duke of Elkton KY currently owns Ky Heart Stopper B. 'Dakota' has an interesting story that demonstrates the disposition of he and his ancestors. Dakota was 6 years old when Tami got him. He had only been ridden less than 2 weeks as a 2 year old; just enough to get a video to have him approved under saddle for the fox trot gait. (This is required for brown papered horses intended for stud use.) The very first day a rider got on him he stepped right out with no fuss or bother. The only hitch was that he didn't 'remember' any reigning so they lounged him a couple circles both directions as a reminder and from there he never faltered.

       Dakota is a son of Red's Flaxy Shadow x Ky's Razzel Dazzel. For more on his lineage please read on their pages.

       Dakota is a deep chestnut bordering on chocolate with all the markings of a silver dapple. He has a pretty little head with those wide set bright eyes, little ears, deep chested, good slope to his shoulder and his neck put on great, good legs and butt - just gorgeous! His body and legs dapple in varying colors and his silvered mane and tail are a great contrast to his body color.

       Dakota has now joined the growing ranks of great stallions that are no longer with us.


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