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Ky's Razzel Dazzel

V-factor 24


             Ky's Razzel Dazzel, V-Factor 24, is by Songer's Boomer and out of Ky's Anne Barnes. She is of course 'blue papered'. Her pedigree reads like a who's who of the truly old foundation horses of this breed. The old fox trot names go as far back as 13th generation before giving way to the old Saddlebred names of royalty. 6th and 7th generation she has only 1 TWH name each. The TWH names are rare in these bloodlines. When they do occur they come from the old Wilson and Allen lines. They too are the old plantation type saddle horse like the old Saddlebreds her lineage is so rich from.

             You have already seen pictures and pedigrees for Vicki's Red Man, Gold Exchange, Vicki 3, the original Vicki, Zane Grey, and Gold Man on my Breeding Program page. That pretty much takes care of her dam's side. I only have foal pictures of her dam, Kentucky's Anne Barnes. She was an orphan I raised then found a home for. Anne only had 2 foals before she died.

             SA (Songer's Ambraw) Charley, and
Little Charley's Duke along with Jack of Diamonds G (Songer's Ambraw Jack), Shoshone's Baron, (Songer's) Boomerang W, and Cotham Dare were also shown on my Breeding Program page. So now I will show you pictures and pedigrees of Songer's Boomer, and SA Cody. SA Hank can be found on the Stallions page. And that will let you see for yourself what her ancestors look like on both sire and dam side for several generations back. This lady has nothing but the best to offer.

             Dazzel is a beautiful specimen of a horse. She has a small short head with a good jaw, large nostrils, and lots of width between big bright eyes. She has a deep chest and good shoulder and bone. Her neck is put on good. She has a nice rounded angular butt and good legs. She is just put together nice and has a great disposition on top of all that. She is easy to handle as a puppy dog. She will come to her milk for any foal and if she doesn't have a foal I have to be careful of her or she will steal one. She is just a sweetheart of a mare.

             Dazzel is a smutty dappled apricot color with silver streaked mane and tail. She has all the silver dapple features along with her star and 2 hind stockings. She is a natural fox trotter that works to buggy as well. She is the dam of
Ky Heart Stopper B, Ky's Ramblin Cannon, Ky's Ramblin Dickens B, Ky's Dazzeled Suede BRambling Shooting Star S, & her only daughter Shadow's Ramblin Ky Mariah B. She is also the grandam of Ky's Ramblin Bailey Barnes B & Ky's Heartfelt Pledge B.  Most of which can be seen on the Stallions page. 

some of her colts


 Ky Heart Stopper B '96               Kentucky's Ramblin Dickens B '98                                            Cannon '99                                               


       Kentucky's Dazzle Suede B '02                                                        Ramblin Shooting Star S '04       

Ho-Jo 2012

some of her fillies


                    Shadow's Ramblin Ky Mariah B '06                                        Cayenne  '08                  



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