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V-factor 30

Here is Gracie's 2013 colt from Ramblin Shooting Star S.  He is a beauty both in looks & personality.  His grandsires are Red's (Ramblin Red) Flaxy Shadow & Gold Exchange.  His grandams are Dazzel & Dyna, a daughter of Shadow & Dare. (You can visit all their pages & get acquainted.)

Laramie is a sweet 2 year old that needs a good home & owners to play, work & have fun with.  He is an intelligent boy & gets bored easily so you will need to stay on your toes.  He is ready to attend school & learn all you can teach him.  Laramie is healthy, handsome, well built, sweet tempered, a people lover & well bred.  His ancestors include Gold Exchange, Ramblin Red, Wing Commander, Songer's Ambraw Hank, Ole Charlie & many, many more of the old foxtrot names.  Give me a call or email.


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