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I've told you about Shadow and the rest of the boys around here, but just as important are the mares they are mated with to produce these gorgeous foals. My operation is limited so currently I have 7 mares. Let's start with my senior mare, Kentucky's Valley Dare, V-Factor 36, was born in 1990. She has the same heavily silvered mane & dark mixed  tail colorations as Dare but takes her conformation from Shadow, her sire. Since Shadow and Dare are both sired by Ramblin Red this makes Valley a double grand daughter of Ramblin Red. Valley is a deep chestnut with the typical conformation of the old time foxtrotters and that wonderful gentle disposition. Her fox trot is natural as the older fox trotters were with the great sure footedness that made fox trotters so special early on. Check out her personal page for more details.

Ky's Razzel Dazzel is a 1993 model from Songer's Boomer and Ky's Anne Barnes. Those names should be a give away as to the names in her ancestry. Dazzel is wide between big bright eyes, has a pretty head, broad chested and built to go with it having lots of bone and good feet. She is a spirited, fun loving, athletic, naturally gaited mare with a super sweet disposition and great personality. She has a terrific fox trot and also works in harness. Dazzel has all the color traits of the silver dapple that changes continually with the seasons and years. She and Shadow were a 'breeder's niche' (meaning they were a really great combination in resulting foals). There is a lot more discussion on Dazzel on her personal page.

Curly Sue W, V-Factor 27, is a Barnes' bred mare. She is a solid black recessive curly mare. That means she is well suited for those horse lovers who have the horrible allergies that tends to keep them from their horses. Being a curly makes Suzy nonallergenic. She has a different appearance to our smooth coated Fox Trotters but she still has that wonderful fox trot gait and is on the docile side of gentleness. When I got Suzy in spring of 2002 at age 3 she had never been handled. She knew nothing about being lead but would 'herd' from behind beautifully. She is so easy to handle and quick to learn that after a couple hours in the round pen she saddled up and rode. She is a very enjoyable lady to be around & gives me beautiful foals.  Check Suzy's personal page for more.  

Sheza Ramblin Flora Song B, Flora or Flo, V-Factor 45, is a deep chestnut with black mane and tail, a big star, and 2 hind socks. She has a beautiful short head with a wide forehead, a good chest, shoulders, hips, neck and legs - all put together really nice. She is a natural at the fox trot and a great ride for me since I am a shortie and have aches and pains. She is only 14.2, which I have a hard time finding so is a plus for me. Flora holds the championship title of the John R Vinson, Jr. Memorial Stake class in Kentucky for 2001. Flora is sired by Songer's Boomer and is out of the last daughter of Ramblin Red, Kentucky's Ramblin Hobby. She & Shadow have given me 3 beautiful foals in Spunky Girl, Kissee Fox & Jordon. Visit Flora more on her personal page.

Golden Goetz Exchange (Gracie), V-Factor 49, is a 2000 golden palomino from Gold Exchange and a double Ramblin Red grand daughter, Kentucky's Dyna-mite Dare, V-Factor 36. The Gold Exchange bloodline has proven to be a good combination with these Ramblin Red bloodlines & is resulting in some mighty fine horses. Gracie is a sweetie to work with although she has a bit different personality. She is a bit nervous & slower to trust but once she does you really feel privileged to be in the company of such a fine individual. She is built really nice with a natural fox trot & will give you all she's got. I feel like she is bringing a good dimension to my breeding program. See Gracie's personal page for more.

Dare's Ky Spring Breeze B, V-Factored 36, is a full sister to Valley, having been sired by Shadow & foaled by Maden's Dare-A-Lin in 2002. Breeze is an eye catcher with her full flaxen mane & tail, blaze face & 2 hind stockings. She too is a double granddaughter of Ramblin Red & has a lot of his build, especially his butt. Right now Breeze is busy being a riding horse & learning natural horsemanship techniques. She will do most anything asked of her including laying down, jumping rope, playing polo, etc. We have high hopes and are anxious to see what she has in store for us. For more check her page.

Kentucky's Heartfelt Pledge B, V-Factor 42, is a 2004 daughter of Ky Heart Stopper B & Maden's Ramblin Dare-A-Lin.  Like her half sister Breeze, Pledge is also a heart stopper in looks.  She too is a flaxen mane & tail sorrel with a blaze.  Pledge will just beg for attention & loves to be handled.  She is quick to learn.  In fact I think it took 2 days to have her broke to harness & pulling a cart & then less than a hour to be under saddle.  Pledge has no fault in her conformation & is naturally gaited as they come.  Our plan is to start Pledge's breeding with Songer's Ambraw Hank in 2008. We are really looking forward to that product.  For more information on Pledge go to her page.

Shadow's Ramblin Ky Mariah B, V-Factor 12, is the 2006 daughter of Shadow & Ky's Razzel Dazzel.  Mariah is the only filly from the matings of Shadow & Dazzel.  Her brothers of course are Ky Heart Stopper, Rambling Shooting Star S, Ky's Dazzled Suede B & Ky's Ramblin Dickens B.  And, like her brothers, she is a flaxen mane/tail sorrel but with white on only 1 hind leg & a blaze instead of the star that all the boys have.  Just like her brothers she is very sweet & calm of nature, beautifully built & naturally gaited to fox trot.  It will be a few years before we see foals from Mariah so I guess we will just have to share the anticipation.  Check out her page for some pretty pictures.

Ky's Ramblin Barnes Starlett B, V-Factor 14, is the 2005 product of Shadow & Curly Sue W.  Starlett is the bay filly I have been waiting for for years.  She has a crescent moon star on her pretty little head & some white on a hind coronet. Otherwise she is a pretty bay with a long flowing tail.  She is sweet of nature & loves to be handled, has a pretty build & a natural fox trot.  Starlett is my only filly to be half Barnes' blood so you know I value she & her dam.  I am excited to see what she will bring us in the future.  Check her page for more.

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