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Maden's Ramblin Dare-A-Lin

V-factor 72



            Maden's Ramblin Dare-A-Lin (Dare). V-Factored 72 Dare was foaled in 1985 and is a deep chestnut with a blaze and 2 hind stockings, mixed mane and tail with lots of silver and black amidst the red. Dare is put together well with a wide chest, good bone, wide set eyes, big nostril, well rounded butt, good sound feet, and all the other in between. She has a wonderful disposition and loves all the attention she can get. She comes when called, can be lead without a halter, will stand in pasture to be sprayed or hooves painted, etc. She is just so easy to handle and she drops foals that come to me immediately wanting their share of attention too

             Dare is a daughter of
Ramblin Red & Fanny J. Since we have already talked about Ramblin Red (on the stud page) we will now discuss Dare's dam, Fanny J.  Fanny J is by Ace Edward who is of the old Wilson bloodlines. (The Wilson bloodlines are fairly extinct in the TWH breed.) Fanny J is 5/8 TWH, but of the old plantation style TWH. On her sire's side she is only 20th generation from The Darley Arab. On her dam's side she is 27th generation from the Byerley Turk. (Please check her lineage charts.) Fanny's dam was by a Golden Governor son & an old Ranger mare with a good dose of American Saddlebred mixed in.

             Fanny was a true fox trot gaited mare. It was her favorite gait even in the pasture. Boy did she ever give a smooth ride. She had a very pretty little head with big eyes and had a beautiful refined conformation.

             Dare is a very solid built mare of excellent conformation and good bone. She is very people oriented, and has an easy fox trot. She is a jewel to handle.

             Dare was the Ky Grand Champion Model horse for 1987.

             She has had several foals thru the years: Gracie's dam, Kentucky's Dyna-Mite Dare, is Dare's daughter;
Kentucky's Valley Dare is Dare's 1st foal; Ky's Ramblin Bailey Barnes B is the 2000 son of Dare; Dare's Ky Spring Breeze B is her 2002 filly ; and Kentucky's Dare to Hope B is a 2003 filly. All her daughters are double grand daughters of Ramblin Red, with the exception of Ky's Heartfelt Pledge (2005) who would be a grand daughter & great grand daughter of Ramblin Red.   The grand daughters have Kissee Fox on their papers twice.

             Dare now lives in Michigan with Beverly Bradstreet.


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