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             Shadow's Ramblin Ky Mariah B, V-Factor 12, foaled in 2006 is the only sister of Ky's Dazzled Suede B, Ky's Ramblin Dickens, Rambling Shooting Star S, & Ky Heart Breaker.  They each are sired by Red's Flaxy Shadow & out of Ky's Razzel Dazzel.  To see the richness of Mariah's bloodlines you can go to either her parents personal pages or one of her siblings.
             Let me tell you about Miss Mariah herself.  She is a pretty flaxen mane/tail sorrel with a blaze & some white on both hind legs & is built beautiful.  What do I say?  Just look at her parents, grand parents & brothers to see what she will look like when matured.  She has the natural diagonal fox trot in the pasture, that sweet disposition & will follow you like a puppy.
              I got a late & sketchy start with her cause for some reason Mom decided that I shouldn't have the accessibility to her only filly that she had given me to all those colts previously.  So Mariah & I did what little Mom would allow us to do until she was weaned.  That did include a bit of disengaging of the front & hind quarters & some leading, just not all the loving & rubbings as usual.   But once Mom was out of the picture Mariah & I got to do our thing & let me tell you she is an attention loving lady & learns fast.  She will just glue her attention on me in the effort to learn what it is I'm trying to teach her & will even attempt to lead me to the round pen for more work.  She is fine with fly spray or working with her feet, & loves grooming.  She doesn't spook easily & is just a little honey to work with.



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