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Red's Flaxy Shadow

V-factor 0




On July 22, 2006  Red's Flaxy Shadow  moved to greener pastures. The entire farm is in mourning. He will be missed, by all those who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Red's Flaxy Shadow was the 1979 son of Ramblin Red. Red's blood has mostly been passed on thru mares in the past. Remember that Red was born in 1962 and died in 1986, so his name has already fallen off most papers in existence today. Even Old Paint was 5th generation to Ramblin Red.

Shadow had a very rich and royal heritage from both his sire, Ramblin Red, and his dam, Penny who was an American Saddlebred daughter of Wing Commander & a Peavine mare. Bill Dunn's old Skip stud is on Shadow's 6th line. Skip is the grandsire of the fine old Ranger F-102. (The Bill Dunn stock were Morgan/Thoroughbred horses.) Kissee Fox is still on the 5th line of Shadow's foals. Please go to Red's page & Wing Commander's page to check out Shadow's credits.  After all Shadow is one of those exceptional fox trotters to be 0 V-Factor.

Shadow considered himself as official greeter to anyone coming to meet my horses. He was gentle as a puppy dog and expected everyone to love and pet on him. Most folks were surprised to discover that he was a stallion. He has been a joy to ride the trails with and was a good companion and friend. He, like his sire, was a good baby sitter to his foals. Shadow was a very well built red sorrel with an extremely heavy and wavy flaxen mane and tail. He had really good bone, a natural gait and a great disposition. He stamped his foals with all these good characteristics same as his ancestors have down thru the generations.

He is greatly missed.


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