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     My breeding program started with the outstanding Ramblin Red, V-Factor-0, back in 1975. Red was my childhood dream horse! I got to enjoy Red for 13 years before he died at age 24. Never did this stallion give me any trouble. That is saying a lot for a stallion with a young ignorant owner. But, you better believe he taught me lot! He was a good teacher. Our foray was trail riding and boy did we ever cover a lot of trails together! I can't remember ever being jarred while riding Red. He was so naturally soft gaited I could have ridden him 24 hours a day for days on end. Red was a true dream come true. He was so easy to handle and willing to please. He never failed to do what I asked of him. Because he was everything I ever wanted in a horse and because I'd like everyone to have the wonderful experience I was fortunate in having with him, my efforts are to continue his bloodlines combined with others that share the same characteristics. (For a more detailed story on Ramblin Red go to the Articles page.)

             I stood his son, Red's Flaxy Shadow., V-Factor 0, until his death in 2006. That I know of, Shadow is the only known son of Ramblin Red to ever stand stud more than a couple years. Thru Red, Shadow has Kissee Fox on his 4th line and Old Ted on his 5th. If you remember Kissee Fox is the grandsire of Golden Governor and great grand sire of Lady Anne. Old Ted is the grand sire of Lady Anne as well as many of the other greats in the ancestry of the Fox Trotting Breed. Bill Dunn's old Skip stud is on Shadow's 6th line. The Bill Dunn stock were Morgan/Thoroughbred crosses. (For more information on these early, early bloodlines go to the article written by Mr. Claude Hibbard that is on the 'Articles' page. This article first appeared in the early rule books of the MFTHBA and has since been reprinted several times including the original Fox Trot Trackings book and again in the June 2002 issue of The Journal.) Shadow's dam was Penny, an American Saddlebred daughter of Wing Commander and a Peavine mare.  

Wing Commander was:

World's Grand Champion Five-Gaited Saddle Horse 1948 thru 1954;
Winner of the $2500 Five-Gaited Stallion Division of the $10,000 Stake at the Kentucky State Fair for 7 years;
Winner of the $2500 World's Championship Five-Gaited Stake at the Kentucky State Fair 1948 thru 1953;
Winner of the $2500 World's Championship Five-Gaited Stake at the Chicago International 1947 thru 1954;
Winner of over 200 Championships;
Undefeated 1948 thru 1954;
And much, much more.
For more on Red's Flaxy Shadow go to his page.

              Ky's Ramblin Bailey Barnes B, V-Factor 42, is a son of Kentucky Heart Stopper B x Maden's Ramblin Dare-A-Lin. Dare is the daughter of Ramblin Red x Fanny J. This makes Bailey a grandson and great grandson of Ramblin Red along with all the good blood from the Barnes/Songer/Roscoe breeding. Fanny J's sire is from the old Wilson bloodlines and her dam is old Saddlebred. Bailey could be the best horse to ever leave this farm. Bailey is owned by Jimmy Dennis of Munfordville KY and can be reached at dennisfa@scrtc.com or 270 531 5311. Bailey is available to a limited number of outside mares for breeding. Check out Bailey's personal page for more information on him.

             Kentucky's Ramblin Dickens B, V-Factor 12, is a son of Red's Flaxy Shadow x Ky's Razzel Dazzel B. Dazzel is a Songer x Barnes bred mare that you will meet on the 'Mares' page. This means that Dickens has all the bloodlines of Ramblin Red, Wing Commander, Mr. Barnes' stock, Mr. Songer's breeding, as well as Mr. Roscoe's.  So you could say that Dickens and his brothers (Ky Heart Stopper, Star & Suede) are the accumulative  product of my breeding program. And to know him is to know that he is a worthy individual to carry that honor. Arthur Frampton of Sligo PA owns Dickens. Dickens is available for outside mares & AI is also available from Dickens. You can contact Art at aframpton@csonline.net or 814 745 3027. All of these siblings express the silver dapple coloring, as

does their dam. For more on Dickens visit his personal page.

Kentucky's Dazzle Suede B, V-Factor 12, is the 2002 brother to Kentucky Heart Stopper B & Kentucky's Ramblin Dickens B & Shadow's Shooting Star. He too shows the silver dapple coloration, great conformation, natural gait, & sweet disposition of his siblings & ancestors. Seems the grandkids are quite fond of Suede.  Suede is owned by Rick & Pam Foree of Smithland KY. They can be contacted at:  502-845-5281 or rico036@aol.com for more breeding information on Suede.  Check out Suede's page.

Songer's Ambraw Hank, V-Factor 13,  is a chestnut who found a good home in Michigan with Hal & Beverly Bradstreet of North Adams MI. Hank is the grandsire on top side of both Dazzel and Sheza Ramblin Flora Song B. Hank is the son of

Songer's Ambraw Cody x Songer's Ambraw Bonnie. This gives him Jack of Diamonds G as grandsire top and bottom. So he gets a double dose of Shoshone blood which is a magical combination of: Blankenship Diamond (Kissee Fox x Betty Fox) thru Diamond King, Ranger both top and bottom that brings back Cotham Dare & Skip, Golden Rawhide, & Danny Boy. His granddams bring Boomerang W by Danney Joe W, Duncan's Fox 2x's by Mitchell's Trigger, Ramblin Red and more Diamond King. Lots of the Diamond family and Cotham Dare blood! Beverly & Hal can be contacted at bjfoxtrot@hotmail.com or 517 287 5800.

            Ramblin Shooting Star S, V-Factor 12, is the youngest brother of Dickens & Suede.  He too is sired by Shadow & out of Dazzel & has the appearance of a silver dapple.  Star posses the bloodlines of Mr. Barnes, Mr. Songer & Mr. Roscoe to pass along to his foals.  Star is really laid back & sweet of character.  So sweet that small children are drawn to him & are know to ride him. He is located in Iowa with Luke & Sarah Sturdevant.  You can contact them for breeding information at 641-342-3417 or email them at foxtrot50210@iowatelecom.net  Be sure & check out Star's personal page for more information on him.

             Shadow's Ramblin Charlie Dare, V-Factore 0, is a chestunt sorrel son of Red's Flaxy Shadow & Kala's Lou M, an Old Charlie & Cothan Dare mare.  Charlie is natural at the fox trot, sweet tempered with excellent conformation.  He has the really old, old names up close on his papers.  Along with all the true old bloodlines behind Shadow are those of Old Charley, Little Charlie, Cothan Dare, Black Diamond S & Black Bridget from behind his aged dam.  I am really excited about Charlie & what he has to offer for the future of our fox trot horses!  Check out his personal page for more info on Charlie.  You can contact me anytime.

Charley's Jurne Shadow's Image, V-Factor 0, is the older full brother to my 'Charley'.  Both my 'Charlie' & Jurne are named after Old Charley & Little Charlie that appear in their ancestery. Where my 'Charlie' has the appearance of his dam, Kala's Lou M, Jurne has Shadow's build & color.  He just didn't get his blond mane & tail.  Jurne is a great horse & a joy to handle. Don't miss the chance to breed to him & get a natural foxtrot gaited foal.  For more info on Jurne go to his personal page.

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