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Songer's Ambraw Hank

V-factor 13



Songer's Ambraw Hank is a giant of a boy with one of the most powerful shoulders I think I have ever seen. Hank stands around 16 hands but is a gentle giant. His owner finds herself standing with mouth agape quite often now as he continues to astound her with his gentleness and intelligence.

She is also wearing a huge grin as she rides him and enjoys the smooth ground covering old fox trot. He is so well behaved that other trail riders want to argue that he is not a stud. The horse stands proof for himself but I am also saying he is proof of a good breeding program full of quality stock with good demeanor.

Hank has already proven himself at stud as a sire of quality offspring. Hank is grandsire to Dazzel & Flora; great grandsire to Heart Stopper, Dickens, Star & Suede; & great, great grandsire to Fox, Spunky, Jordan, Mariah, & Bailey.

           Take a look at Hank's pedigree for all those old names we have been talking about. I am so glad we still have Hank to continue with the breed. Call Beverly or Hal Bradstreet in North Adams, MI at 517 287 5800 or email bjfoxtrot@hotmail.com


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