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Charley's Jurne Shadow's Image

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              Charley's Jurne Shadow's Image is quite a name isn't it?!!  Well that is because we feel Jurne is such an important element of today's fox trot world!  Just take a look at Jurne's papers.  If you aren't impressed then you evidently have no knowledge of the horses that founded this breed.  Jurne's little brother Charlie is the only other set of papers you will find today on colts this young to have so many of the great old names of fox trotters up so close. 

               Jurne is sired by Red's Flaxy Shadow & out of Kala Lou's M who both were well over age of 20 at his conception.  Both Shadow & Kala are of very foundation lineage to pass on to Jurne.  Look at his papers.

              Now don't stop by just looking at the papers.  Look at Jurne himself.  You'll know just by looking at him that he is of the old bloodlines.  Check the shoulder & hiplines.  Look at his head & neck & the way that neck is put on.  Check him out from the tip of his nose right down to his hooves.  He is strictly OLD foxtrotter. 

               And is he ever a jewel!  He is a sweetheart to work with.  Easy to handle & quick to learn & natural to his heritage of gait.  His owner, Tyler Bates of Gibsonburg Ohio, was astonished in handling Jurne that he was so easy to work with.  And Ty has worked with horses his whole life long.

              Anyway, Jurne is available to service your mares.  Ty is also working toward having AI available with Jurne too.  You can contact Ty or Suzanne at 419-265-0175 or tylerbates@earthlink.net      


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