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Shadow's Ramblin Charlie Dare

V-factor 0

Shadow's Ramblin Charlie Dare, V-Factor 0, is a 2006 sorrel colt from the mating of two elders of the fox trot community. Shadow sired him at age 26 & his dam, Kala, was age 22. We have discussed Shadow & his sire Ramblin Red & dam Penny & all the wonderful ancestry behind each of them so let's discuss Kala's lineage.

Kala Lou's M, V-0, is a product of the old breeding by Dave Merritt of Ohio. Dave and Mr. Herb Roscoe interchanged bloodlines in their breeding programs. Kala is sired by Mr. Roscoe's Little Charley's Duke who is sired by Little Charley by Dow Clayton's Old Charley by Doc Reid's Old Charley. The grand ole mare, Black Bridget is Little Charley's Duke's dam. Black Bridget is a daughter of the great Cotham Dare & out of Old Beauty by Dow Clayton's Old Charley. WOW!

Kala's dam, Diamond's Celia is a daughter of the wonderful Black Diamond S by Duke by Frisky Dare & out of a Morgan bred mare. Black Diamond S is out of the Ira Miller mare that is saddlebred & has the Peavine lines behind her. Celia is out of a Little Charley's Duke/Dare's Trigger mare. WOW! We sure can see why Shadow's Ramblin Charlie Dare is a V-Factor 0. Sooooooo many old, old names so up close on his lineage. We desperately need these bloodlines continued in our fox trot community.

And of course the great ancestry shows in Charlie's individual. He is an easy going colt with good intelligence & quick to learn. His conformation can't be found fault with & his gait is natural as they come. Charlie is the whole package & has a lot to offer to the fox trot world. You can contact me anytime.

Charlie's first foal

Charlie's first filly


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