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Ky's Ramblin Bailey Barnes B

V-factor 42





   Ky's Ramblin Bailey Barnes B is an accumulation of my 25+ years of breeding. He is a beautiful horse inside out. He has a marvelous temperament and is ever so easy to handle and work with. 'Training' with Bailey consists of 'showing' him what it is you are asking of him and helping him to understand what it is you are asking of him. After that just repeat it a few times and he has it. He wants the attention and he wants to work with you. Just be sure you know how to show him what to do cause the boy is intelligent and is gonna be trying his best to do as you indicate for him to do. He is so quick to catch on that you could get confused.  Bailey is a trail horse deluxe & you could easily run into Bailey & his owner Jimmy most anywhere on a trail.

 Bailey is sired by Ky Heart Stopper & out of Maden's Dare-A-Lin, a Ramblin Red daughter.  Heart Stopper is of course sired by Shadow & out of Dazzel, a Barnes/Songer mare.  So Bailey's bloodlines are very rich & rare in the old fox trot lineage.  For more detail on that lineage visit Shadow's, Dare's, & Dazzel's pages.

 Bailey will fox trot a hole in the ground. He is put together beautifully. No need for me to go thru all the specific points of his conformation cause he has no fault. The one I keep coming back to is his great gentle eye that lets you see his loving disposition immediately. He of course is showing all the signs of silver dapple coloring. Has been since he was less than a year old. His sire and grandam are definitely of silver dapple coloring as well as his dam and grandsire throwing silver dapple tendencies to their foals. I expect Bailey will pass on all his wonderful characteristics to his offspring.

 Bailey is located in Munfordville, Ky; with Jimmy Dennis.  To contact Jimmy about Bailey call 270-537-3004 or email dennisfa@scrtc.com


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