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Kentucky's Heartfelt Pledge B

V-factor 42


             Ky's Heartfelt Pledge B, V-Factor 42, is the 2004 product of KY Heart Stopper B & Maden's Ramblin Dare-A-Lin.  That makes her grandparents Red's Flaxy Shadow, Ky's Razzel Dazzel, Ramblin Red, & Fanny J.  You have personal pages for each of Shadow, Dazzel, & Ramblin Red to view & see the wealth of her bloodlines so we will speak of Fanny J's ancestry here.

             Fanny J was sired by Ace Edward who was the old TWH lines of  Wilson Allen.  Fanny's dam's sire was a Golden Governor son out of a half TWH & half fox trot mare.  Her grand dam was strictly fox trot & American Saddlebred having the names of Ranger, Diamond Duke, Sonny Boy, Ginger (Rocket Dare, Cotham Dare, & Cyclone Dare 2 x's) for fox trot names & for Saddlebred names we see Bourbon King, the Peavine's, the Squirrel's, the Fire Fly's, & McDonalds to name some.

             Fanny J was a natural fox trotting mare that chose the fox trot as her favorite gait even in the pasture.  She had several good fox trotting foals.  Fanny J's granddaughter, Pledge, is a beautifully proportioned sorrel with a blaze & flaxen mane/tail.  Pledge loves attention, is well mannered, & learns quickly.  She works to harness & rides as well.  She will soon be giving us beautiful foals too.

             Pledge resides with Ty Bates and family in Gibsonburg Ohio.


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